This is a review of the Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer.

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer (2012 Model)

Price: $899.50

3.9 out of 5 stars (141 customer reviews)

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When you start looking for lower cost elliptical trainers you often end up with very poor quality.  The Schwinn 420 Elliptical manages to balance low cost with good quality features providing an excellent workout experience.  While the Schwinn 420 may not be the perfect elliptical it is a solid contender at the right price.  Here are a few of the highlights:
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Schwinn 420 Highlights

•    Lower and Upper Body Workout
•    12 Built-in Programs
•    Heart Rate System
•    18 Inch Stride
•    300 Pound Weight Capacity

We need to dig a little deeper into these features and a few others to get a better idea if the Schwinn 420 meets your needs.
The Schwinn 420’s 18 inch stride is adequate for most people but can be a bit challenging if you are tall.  Some models of elliptical machines have 20 inch or longer strides which are more comfortable and fluid for taller individuals.  If you are an average height woman or man the 18 inch stride will feel very natural.

Schwinn 420 Video – Watch Now

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The heart rate monitor on the Schwinn 420 is done through the hand grips.  The system works very well and will give you proper feedback.  This type of system is not always the most ideal, but is what you will normally find in lower cost elliptical systems.  The Schwinn 420 Elliptical implements the system very well.  The only problem with a hand grip system it is difficult to have constant monitoring.  A system which uses either a thumb attached lead or chest harness gives you full-time monitoring.  While this is a slight negative, it usually requires spending almost twice the price of the Schwinn 420 to find more advanced monitoring systems.

Schwinn 420 Workout Handles

The Schwinn 420 includes two sets of handles for use during your workout.  The first set is the movable upper body workout arms.  They move smoothly and help you keep your entire body engaged in exercise.  The second set is the stationary handles, which is where the heart monitor is mounted.  Depending on your own workout preference you may find yourself using the stationary handles most often.  For some people the Schwinn 420 handles are a little low and too close together.

Schwinn 420 Weight Limit

The 300 pound weight limit can be a big negative for the Schwinn 420.  While it is adequate for most families it can push the limits on others.  The 300 pound limit is common across the Schwinn line but is eclipsed by brand like Sole and Precor which often offer 350 to 400 pound weight limits.  If no one in the family is approaching the 300 pound weight limit the Schwinn 420 will work perfectly.

Schwinn 420 Built-in Programs

The built-in programs are a strong point of the Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer.  The trainer includes 16 resistance levels and 11 workout programs, plus 1 custom program you can design for yourself.  This gives you great variety in your workouts and allows you to keep your interest high.  Make sure you try a variety of the different routines and avoid getting stuck on just one.  After all, variety in your workout adds to effectiveness and weight loss.  Overall the Schwinn 420 is a great bargain offering high quality features at a great price point.

Schwinn 420 Reviews

The elliptical itself feels sturdy and well built. I am 300 pounds and it supports my weight without shaking or wobbling. The 18″ stride and the handles feel comfortable for my 5’10” frame. I heard some complaints from the salesmen at the sports store that the handles were to far forward but I did not have that problem. The console is pretty basic but what was expected for the price.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a sub $600 elliptical that is well built, this is the one for you.

C. Craig – Bakersfield, CA

This machine is super-quiet, with no squeaking so far. I can watch TV at normal volume while doing my workouts. There were several complaints that on the 430 (the predecessor to this model), the easiest level was acutally pretty difficult, and I don’t find that to be the case here at all even though I haven’t worked out at all in months.

The stride works for me, as I’m short (5’0″). The handlebars are also fine for me, but just barely. Any further and they would be very awkward to grip.

toasty – Washington

The Schwinn 420 is a good entry level machine which you can buy now from Amazon.

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